torsdag 23 september 2010

Howto: Run Tibia in wine

If you for some reason want to run Tibia in wine instead of the native Linux client. (For me it's way faster in wine) - you might find the graphics to be fairly screwed up. To fix this you need to start Tibia with a different graphic engine. There are 3 options available DirectX5, DirectX9 and OpenGL. These are named engine 0, engine 1 and engine 2. You probably want to use OpenGL, so to start tibia, open up your console and run:
wine /home/username/.wine/drive-c/Program\ Files/Tibia/Tibia.exe engine 2
(You might want to try all engines to see wich one is better for you)
Now you can make a launcher to always launch Tibia with the correct engine. I will post about this later.

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